Kind Words

"Helpful and down to earth start to my mindfulness journey towards calmness and clarity. A very user friendly program with an insightful and perceptive facilitator. Thank you for your guidance in a great first session."

Bianca K

"I was sceptical about mindfulness and meditation to start with. But your encouragement and relaxed approach have helped me see the huge value they can bring to my life."

Todd S

"If I’m honest, I didn’t know much about mindfulness until a colleague was sprouting all the benefits it had brought to his life. I found Mike’s mindfulness coaching when researching options, booked myself in for a discovery session, decided on the spot it was worthwhile investing in… and I haven’t looked back, Mike’s helped me to become more self-aware."

Jane R

"Mike is such an amazing listener! Thank you for your genuine, caring approach. I follow MyndEd on Instagram because the posts are so positive, helpful and uplifting."

"Breaking old habits is hard but it can be done especially with Mike's gentle but enthusiastic assistance there to prop you up when you need it. I have noticed a huge difference within myself when following what Mike prescribed. It's life-changing."

Danielle W

“What a difference it has made to my life. The coaching is very personalised. I can’t thank Mike enough. I’ve learnt to slow down, I feel more in control of myself and have some great tools to alleviate stress.”

Anita P

"I came across Mike’s website by chance when searching for mindfulness. My sessions (via Skype) were relaxed and friendly while teaching me some much needed techniques to ease the stressful and overwhelming times. Mike has supported me to make significant changes that have transformed my life. Best decision I’ve made. I highly recommend the 1:1 mindfulness coaching package (I did the 12 session program - every now and then I book myself in for a single session booster)."

Paul T

Maria T