Mindfulness in the Workplace

Why book a workplace mindfulness session?


I’ve never met a manager who doesn’t want the best for their employees. 


Every business, boss or colleague I have ever spoken to wants to do the best possible work they can, with the best possible outcomes.


For most, that is because happy, relaxed staff who enjoy their work environment are more likely to me more productive and creative, as well as sticking around for longer.


But how can managers get the best out of their teams?  What is that secret that allows successful companies to produce calm and encouraging work environments.


I daresay we have all been on some form of a corporate strategy away day, where leaders try to excite staff with informal exercises in informal settings, but having a successful team isn’t just about investing in an afternoon.


The best teams that I’ve ever worked with don’t just invest in one off events – they invest in staff for the long term, from professional development all the way through to mental health.

And some of the most successful teams in the world right now are seeing the corporate benefits of mindfulness.


When the Richmond Tigers became Premiers in 2017, it wasn’t just because Jack Riewoldt and Dustin Martin are some of the best footballers on the planet. The club as a whole had invested in the mental wellbeing of their players and staff. As well as bringing in a mindfulness coach, top players like Martin and Dylan Grimes were regularly practising mindfulness as a way to ensure they stayed in the moment and were able to perform at their peak.


It’s not just football though. 


Hugely successful teams are focusing on living not in the future or the past, but in the now.

We see it here at MyndEd. 


Our Mindfulness in the Workplace sessions allow teams of all sizes to focus on the present, teaching meditation exercises and coaching the skills needed to enjoy work and reduce stress, making for a happier and more mindful workplace.


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