Mindful Master

Over the course of 12 one hour sessions, you'll learn about your relationship with yourself and others, while developing a mindful approach to your life. Led by your mindfulness coach, you will develop new habits and advanced understandings to implement in your life from the very start. Two sessions free (when compared to purchasing individual sessions).


  • 12 one hour coaching sessions, tailored to suit your needs

  • your choice of two additional advanced mindfulness modules

  • a detailed theoretical basis and practical tools to develop your practice

  • a high quality printable workbook

  • practical strategies to work on after each session

  • access to a range of exclusive materials and guided meditations

  • one-on-one mentoring with a knowledgeable and caring coach

  • unlimited email support for the duration of the package


Sessions can be held in person at your place or ours, or online.

Arrange a Discovery Session to find out more, or book your Mindful Master package here.


The program begins by helping you to understand more about yourself, giving you and your coach an insight into areas you’d like to work on. As the sessions progress, you’ll be inspired by some of the great minds, as we apply their wisdom to your life. You’ll gain valuable insights on how to meditate, little strategies to smooth out the bumps in your day, and some life changing habits to help you get more out of the days, weeks and years ahead!


At the conclusion of the eighth session, you will be able to choose where your program heads - select two further modules to complete from Meditation, Relating to the Past, Relating to Others, and Relating to Self. Alternately, you can work with your coach to identify another area you would like to work on - in this case a tailored workbook will be created just for you.


Each session begins with a review of what has been working so far and what hasn’t, and strategies to improve areas that you’ve been having difficulty with. We will discuss the challenges that matter to you right now, and put things in place to support you to work on these areas. Finally we will return to the workbook to add some new techniques to your toolkit, drawing on the wisdom and knowledge of some of the most well known mindfulness experts.


Arrange a Discovery Session to find out more, or book your Mindful Master package here.