I'm a coach, mindfulness teacher, blogger and speaker.

Having spent many years as a secondary teacher, I know the importance of living life in the present. It was physically and emotionally draining, each and every day. I would arrive at the end of term, and instantly my immune system would fall in a heap. Weekends were whiled away trying to take my mind off all I had to do, often entering the depths of despair when deadlines were tight. It was in one of these times that a close friend suggest I try meditation. I was sceptical, but at that point I was willing to give it a go! Anything to break the cycle.

It worked!


Having discovered the impact of meditation on my life, I delved deeper into different aspects of mindful living. The further I researched, the more I realised how much I still relied on my autopilot to get me through each day. And it just wasn't cutting it. I needed to do more than just meditation to break out of the pattern. Gradually I added more and more tools to my mindfulness toolkit and learnt to recognise negative thought patterns and how to stop them in their tracks. 


Seeing how much I was able to help myself with this knowledge, I became extremely passionate about helping others to understand the benefits of mindfulness and to get the best out of themselves. I trained as a mindfulness practitioner and began to develop programs to help others experience exactly what I did! And do my programs work? Find out what my clients say!

In addition to my qualifications as a mindfulness practitioner and life coach, I am a qualified teacher and vocational trainer. Working with people is what gets me up in the morning - and I'd love to work with you too!


"What if you could enjoy what you are doing right now? What if satisfaction in life didn’t come from things far off in the future, but from the things in your life at this very moment? My vision is to share the mindfulness experience with you, and help you to get more out of life."