What is Mindfulness?


Have you ever had that moment on a Sunday evening, as the weekend slowly draws to a close and your mind starts worrying about the Monday morning that lies ahead?

Your good mood starts to drop as anxiety takes over and your brain races ahead to think about work the next morning: the early morning meeting with your boss, the pile of jobs to get through first thing or that difficult issue you left unresolved on Friday.

Before you know it, you’ve gotten snappy with your partner and as the evening rolls on you find it difficult to relax and even more difficult to fall asleep.


Sound familiar?

They call that feeling Sunday Dread. Millions of Australians experience it each and every week.

For many people, with our hectic and highly-scheduled lives, living purely in the moment is difficult. If unoccupied, our brains have a desire to look ahead in time and worry about the future, no matter whether those fears are based in or out of reality.


The learning of mindfulness techniques allows us to have greater control over our mind’s desire to look ahead.

Simple mindfulness techniques used regularly can allow us to live in the present, to make clear choices and decisions based on truth, rather than emotions.


Practiced regularly, mindfulness allows us to become more self-accepting, more open and more flexible to change.

Let me prove it to you.


Stop what you’re doing and we will try a quick meditation exercise.

Put a timer on your phone for two minutes, then close your eyes and listen to the world around you.

I want you to make a mental list of all the things that you can hear: your own breathing, the cars on the street outside, the washing machine spinning away.


Try it now.

How did it go? Did your brain try its best to distract you? Did it try to drag you back into questioning yourself, or going back to your previous trains of thought?

With practice, mindfulness teaches you the techniques needed to control those thoughts wherever you are, and whatever the situation.

Regular practice of mindfulness techniques brings great benefits.


From having a more analytical and less emotional response to change, you can learn to have a greater self-acceptance and happier relationship with yourself and your partner.


Mindfulness coaching also helps increase concentration and productivity, while reducing stress and anxiety.


Here at MyndEd, based in Melbourne just a short tram ride from the CBD, we can start your program of mindfulness and put the power back in your hands: be in charge of your mind and emotions, not the other way around. MyndEd coaching programs can be taken in person, or online using a video conferencing tool, such as Skype.

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“Mindfulness is a way of befriending ourselves and our experience.”
~ Jon Kabat-Zinn

When we become mindful, we live in the present moment, unconditionally accepting ourselves and those around us for exactly who they are. We become aware of our thinking patterns and learn to redirect our thoughts to the productive.

Mindfulness is paying full attention to what is going on in your mind and body, moment by moment, and without judging. You observe your thoughts, feelings, and the sensations of taste, touch, smell, sight and sound. You also become completely aware of your surroundings.

Mindfulness practice has been scientifically proven to reduce stress and anxiety, while improving sleep, memory and concentration. As the weight of scientific understanding grows, mindfulness is gaining mainstream traction, shown by organisations such as Google, Nike and Apple, who have embraced it for their employees. Current research shows significant benefits of mindfulness, including a reduction in stress and anxiety, increased focus and calmness, and greater happiness.

It's more than just meditation, but a whole new way of thinking that can transform your past, present and future.


Recent scientific studies have shown that mindfulness can provide the following benefits (and more!):

  • bringing peace and clarity

  • increasing self awareness

  • improving sleep

  • improving concentration and memory

  • improving time management capabilities

  • increasing efficiency and productivity in the workplace

  • strengthening the immune system

  • reducing stress

  • reducing the symptoms of anxiety and depression

  • reducing worrying thoughts

  • helping to view all experiences positively


Through a range of reflective activities, you will discover where in your life you are already mindful and how to bring this skill into other parts of your life.


You will explore different strategies of both formal and informal mindfulness with your coach, implementing these in your life between sessions.


You will receive expert advice on how to develop these as habits, as well as tools to support you after your program is finished. Need a mindful tune-up? Then you can book a single session to get back on track.


You will become more aware of thinking patterns and be able to reposition your thinking to inject more positivity into your life.


You will become more aware of your interactions with others and learn to optimise these through reflection and action, sending all your relationships to a new level.

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At MyndEd, our goal is to equip people with the skills to be able to approach life with an acceptance of what is, to live day-by-day and moment-by-moment with a clear mind, and an open heart. We believe that everyone can benefit from better understanding themselves and others. We provide mindfulness courses and personal coaching to both groups and individuals and aim to cater for different learning styles and needs. MyndEd is an organisation grounded in helping people to embrace their true selves and to reach their full potential in work, relationships and all aspects of life.

The MyndEd Mission

Why have a mindfulness coach?


Would you be surprised if I told you that half of the population experienced some form of psychological stress last year?

For some people it was caused by the death of a loved one, the arrival of a new loved one, or some other major life event.

How about if I said that almost one in five of us were living with anxiety or depression?

I’ll repeat that - one in five. That’s probably at least one family member - maybe even two - and it totals around 5 million Australians.

Our mental health is just as important as our physical health, but many people ignore the warning signs until things get critical.

Let’s go back to the numbers. While almost 20% of Australians live with anxiety or depression, one in four are obese.

Physical health is obvious to see, and for many that is the reason why it is more important.

Over one third of Aussies are carrying out moderate to high levels of exercise every week. We see them everywhere – whether they’re running around the park, hiking in the bush or out trying to catch a wave.

For those people exercising on a regular basis, especially those doing it to lose weight, the first step to getting a healthy body is to create an exercise plan with a personal trainer, who can keep you in routine, find out what exercises work best for your body, and offer professional insights to help us continue to improve.

That is a well-trodden and accepted path, and when we look at how we can manage our mental health, it is exactly the same.

Mindfulness coaches, for the want of a better phrase, are like personal trainers for our minds. As coaches, we are trained in how to find the emotional muscles that need exercising, while offering support to ensure you can stay in a routine and see regular progress.

At MyndEd, based in Melbourne and just a short drive from the CBD, we can work with you to develop a structured mindfulness course to put you back in control of your anxiety, giving you the powers to live in the moment, to recognise potential stressful situations and negate them - helping you to become more self-accepting, emotionally self-regulating and happier.

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